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You can expect articles about Apache Kafka, usage of Kowl or about the development of our products.

  1. Release

    Running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes successfully

    Teams that decide to operate an Apache Kafka cluster often decide in favor of running it inside of Kubernetes, mostly because the engineers…

  2. Release

    Kowl Release v1.4.0

    With this release it is the first time that we added a feature that mutates state within your Apache Kafka cluster: Consumer Group…

  3. Tutorial

    Run Kowl with a fully managed Kafka cluster from Aiven

    Creating an Apache Kafka cluster at Aiven is super easy - just a few clicks and a few moments later you have an up to date, production ready…

  4. Tech Article

    Redpanda support in Kowl

    Redpanda is a modern event streaming platform that aims to be fully compatible with Apache Kafka's API. It promises to be more performant…

  5. Release

    Kowl Release v1.3.0

    It's been a bit more than four months since the last Kowl release and we are happy to finally release version 1.3.0. In this post we will…

  6. Release

    Blog and new docs launched

    We just launched a new website with a blog and documentation section. You can expect articles about Kowl releases, Kafka tech articles, case…