Deleting Topics & Records within a topic

Deleting a wrongly named topic, truncating the records in a topic to recreate a clean state is both possible now. We introduced the possibility to delete a whole topic (requires delete.topics.enable=true on the broker side) or to truncate topics till a certain offset.

Deleting Kafka records via the Kafka UI
Deleting Kafka records via the Kafka UI

Deleting a whole topic
Deleting a whole topic

Managing Kafka Connect Clusters

Managing a Kafka connect cluster can be cumbersome without any tools. Your only chance is to interact with the HTTP API that is not very human-friendly. Even worse if you have are running tens of Kafka Connect clusters with thousands of Connectors. With Kowl you can now manage one or hundreds of connect clusters in the most comfortable way. Debug your deployed connectors across all clusters or drill down to a single connect cluster.

Features include:

  • Multi Cluster support
  • Connectivity check for each cluster
  • List all connectors (per cluster or across all configured clusters)
  • Show / Patch Connector config
  • Delete Connectors
  • RBAC for managing Kafka Connect clusters (Kowl Business)

Connectors Overview
Connectors Overview

Kafka Connect Setup Wizard

Instead of creating new connectors by applying JSON via HTTP requests you can now create new wizards in a wizard like fashion. All connectors' settings appear in the wizard and you can expect useful validation hints.

Kafka UI for Apache Kafka Connect


The next release v1.6 will bring a better user experience for filtering messages by adding a code editor as well as typings and auto completion for Javascript filters when listing messages. We also want to reduce context switches by adding graphs into the user interface without requiring you to connect external dependencies such as Prometheus to Kowl!